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After hauling all our equipment, waiting an hour for the rain to pass, messing up numerous times (sand is really hard to dance on btw), and dealing with our bi polar weather.. we finally got to put together a video of this dance cover. Though this isn’t the best video of us dancing, I have to say that I still had lots of fun and I’m happy that we got to complete our first real video of the year (even though we were supposed to do this last year LOL). This dance also reminds me to take it easy once in awhile. It’s a pretty simple dance but it can’t help but make you feel happy when doing it! Thanks to Kiana’s sister for helping and for putting up with us and ofc thank you to Alyssa & Kiana for dancing and creating memories with me! Next time, let’s choose a beach that’s easier to access when we plan on dancing on one lol!

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jmillz31 ig

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Me when I was little.

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Beyoncé + The Walk 

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Glastonbury 2011


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